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Same Day Dentures

 Close up of full dentures. Here at Comfort Dental Excellence we will help you get same day dentures; these could be full dentures or partial dentures. Same day dentures, which are also known in the industry as immediate dentures, are a certain kind of denture that can be inserted as soon as your natural teeth have been extracted.

The Functioning of Same-Day Dentures

Our highly knowledgeable dentist will assist you to get same day dentures inserted immediately after your natural teeth are removed. You will, however, need to visit us at least four to five times to be checked by our dentist before your teeth are removed. In the course of your visits, you can expect to have a consultation with our dentists and have an impression made of your mouth and teeth. This impression will be used to make same-day dentures that will fit you just right.

The Pros and Cons of Same-Day Dentures

Any dental procedure usually has its pros and cons, and same-day dentures are no exception. However, with regard to same-day dentures and depending on your unique circumstances, you may not have to worry about the pros and cons.

Same day dentures will save you the embarrassment of having to be without teeth. Dentures help to protect the gums after your teeth have been removed or extracted. The other advantage of having same-day dentures is that you will not have to be subjected to considerable dietary changes due to a lack of teeth.

One disadvantage of same-day dentures is that they require adjustments, especially as your gums heal. There are times that they can feel uncomfortable especially when the gums are still inflamed. Another disadvantage of same-day dentures is that they are not well suited for everybody. It is therefore important for you to visit us at Comfort Dental Excellence and we and will take you through the options available for you.

Are There Alternatives to Same-Day Dentures?

There are some alternatives to same-day dentures available. You can rely on our highly qualified dental team to discuss with you the possible alternatives for you. One alternative is conventional dentures which offer you full teeth replacement which can be removed. You will, however, have to wait for your mouth to heal for them to be inserted precisely. We can also provide implant dentures. These are another long-lasting option for full teeth replacement. The advantage of these is that once they are perfectly fitted, they work almost similar to your natural teeth.

You could also opt for a dental bridge if you only need a few teeth to be replaced. A bridge is a kind of denture that can be made to be removable or implanted, and is designed to use surrounding natural teeth for support.

Whether you are considering same-day dentures or any other kind of dental procedures, we are here to help. Just call us at Comfort Dental Excellence at 610-681-6262 and we will gladly assist you.


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